CANCAN Merchant Wallet™

The CANCAN Merchant Wallet™ enables merchants to accept mobile payments at point-of-sale, and dynamically handle collection and settlement of funds globally. Our platform also facilitates integrated promotions and marketing campaigns.

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Mobile Payments at POS

Our APIs & technical services enable acceptance of barcode payments & promotions using existing hardware & software

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Dynamic Currency Conversion

Merchants generate revenue from FX transactions whilst offering consumers a choice to pay in their home currency

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Reporting & Analytics

Our platform aggregates promotion, customer demographic & transaction details across payment methods, making treasury simpler & marketing more effective

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Shopping Guides

We use our database of shop locations, brands, products & offers to push offers via shopping guides embedded in our partners' apps

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Geo-Located Promotions

Products, brands & offers in our shopping content are linked to locations, facilitating "over-the-top" geo-located push messaging

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Programmatic Advertising

CANCAN leverages partner & 3rd party data to run programmatic ad campaigns, measuring effectiveness both online & at point-of-sale

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